AC Installation in Atlanta, GA

Though it may be hard to believe, air conditioning first hit the market almost 120 years ago. At first, those systems were reserved for manufacturing facilities, but they soon spread to theaters, large stores, and other businesses. It wasn’t until after World War II that air conditioning began making its way into homes. Since then, people have come to rely on this type of technology to keep their homes and businesses cool, comfortable, and free of excess humidity. Today, reports show that between 75 and 85 percent of American homes have some type of air conditioning system in place.

Air Conditioning Installation Services You Can Count on

At Tru Choice Maintenance Services, we offer the full range of heating and cooling services, including maintenance, repairs, and installation. We’re committed to providing superior services for our neighbors throughout the Atlanta area. Our team has the training and experience necessary to ensure you get the perfect air conditioning system to suit your needs and expectations and keep it running at peak efficiency for years to come.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an AC System

In the beginning, window air conditioning units were the norm. These days, though, central cooling is rapidly gaining steam. Although air conditioning is a primary source of energy consumption in most homes today, we undoubtedly depend on it during those scorching summer months. In fact, reports show that it’s difficult to even find a home without some form of air conditioning at this point. Still, whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade your current air conditioning, it’s important to consider certain factors before committing to a system.

    • Your Budget. Central air conditioning systems are investments rather than simple purchases. Upfront costs to purchase a system can be substantial, and you have to factor in the price of AC installation service as well. While the right system can save you significant amounts of money in reduced energy consumption and fewer repair costs over the years, that initial outlay certainly a consideration for most people. It’s possible to find a system that gives you a combination of affordable upfront pricing, higher efficiency, and durability.
    • Square Footage. Choosing a system that’s capable of covering the square footage of your home is essential. If a system is too small, it won’t cool your home properly and could drive your power bills through the roof. On the other hand, a system that’s too large may cycle on and off far too often. This could quickly wear out the system’s components while detracting from overall efficiency. As your local air conditioner installation experts, we can help you choose a system that’s the perfect size for your home.
    • Type of System. For most modern homes, central air conditioning systems are the best choice. Of course, they’re not the only options. Ductless mini-split systems are also available. They’re perfect for smaller apartments that are in need of an air conditioning upgrade. They’re also suitable choices for home additions because they don’t require the home’s ductwork to be extended into the newly built rooms. In many cases, these systems can offer greater efficiency for smaller spaces than central air conditioning as well.

Those are only a few of the aspects to think about if you’re planning to have a new AC system installed. Other factors that could come into play include the number of people in your household, how much sun exposure your home gets during daylight hours, and the area in which you live to name a few. If you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us for help with choosing the right type of system to meet your air conditioning needs.

Do I Need a New Air Conditioning System?

Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to determine if general AC service, such as tune-ups and repairs, might be the answer to your home cooling problems or you need a new system altogether. Certain warning signs can help clear up the matter. If your current system seems to run constantly but doesn’t cool the air properly, you may need a replacement. Bad smells coming from the unit or vents and continually rising energy bills are also indications that you need to have a new AC system installed. If your existing system is more than 10 years old, it’s definitely time to consider replacing it with a new model.

Covering All Your AC Installation Needs

Whether you’re looking to replace an old AC system, supplement an existing one, or incorporate air conditioning into a newly built home, our team is here to help. We’re dedicated to providing affordable top-notch air conditioning services. Call us or contact us using the form on our website to request a consultation or schedule an air conditioning installation appointment.