Furnace Tune-Up in Atlanta, GA

Homeowners might wonder whether they need to spend the money to have a furnace tune-up every year. In fact, many homeowners choose to delay or eliminate this task only to regret doing so down the road. Every furnace needs to be examined yearly by a professional, particularly those that are older. This ensures the furnace is operating when it is needed most.

Often, this appliance fails on the coldest night of the year, leaving the occupants of the home cold and uncomfortable. Don’t let this happen. Learn more about the benefits of regular furnace tune-ups today.

Preventative Furnace Maintenance

A furnace contains many moving parts that undergo wear and tear every time the unit is in operation. These components experience a lot of stress and degrade with time. Furnace maintenance visits from a trained professional involve a complete examination of the appliance to detect any potential problems and correct them before they lead to a system malfunction. In addition, the technician looks for any safety concerns and addresses those during the visit.

Calling for this tune-up before the weather turns cold remains a wise decision, as technicians get busy as the temperatures drop. This means the occupants of a home may have to wait for the technician to arrive. Nobody wants to wait any longer than is necessary for a repair. With preventative maintenance, the need for an emergency visit from a furnace technician decreases.

As a furnace age, the likelihood of it failing increases. This is due to the wear and tear on the parts. However, a malfunctioning appliance could lead to safety concerns. Never skip or delay maintenance on an older unit. Doing so could be harmful to the health of the home’s occupants. In certain cases, doing so could be deadly. How is this the case?


A furnace burns fuel to generate heat. When a problem develops within the combustion process, carbon monoxide levels in the home could increase. This odorless gas has killed individuals in the past. Every home with gas appliances, including a gas furnace, should have at least one carbon monoxide detector, preferably more.

The detector goes off if carbon monoxide levels increase in the home, alerting the occupants to a problem. If this alarm goes off, immediately leave the home and get help to determine the source of the problem and how best to fix it. Gas leaks serve as another concern with furnaces. During a maintenance visit, a trained technician tests and inspects the heating system to catch any potential problems before they become major concerns.

Clean Air

When a technician comes to the home to inspect the system, they clean the unit and replace the air filter. This removes any dirt and debris present in the system, which helps to improve air quality in the home. However, the homeowner may opt to have the ducts cleaned also, as they can harbor dirt and debris. When the system operates, it circulates the contaminants throughout the home. Nobody wants to breathe in dirty air, and a thorough cleaning ensures they won’t.

Sufficient Airflow

Any interference with proper airflow puts an additional strain on the furnace. This often leads to the need for costly repairs or a new unit. When the technician performs maintenance on the unit, they conduct a static airflow test. The test provides information on the fan’s workload as it works to distribute air throughout the residence.


During the maintenance visit, the Heating Services technician cleans and inspects the furnace burner to ensure it is providing the proper temperature output. Gas calibration is included as part of the service. Upon completion of these steps, the homeowner finds the furnace runs more efficiently.

Warranty Requirements

Many furnace manufacturers require regular system maintenance as part of the warranty that comes with the unit. At each visit, the owner needs to obtain a record of what work was performed. Failing to have this work carried out or not maintaining proper records could lead to the warranty being voided.

What to Expect with a Furnace Tune-Up

A trained technician carries out many steps as part of a furnace maintenance visit. They test the system and all safety controls to ensure they are functioning properly. In addition, they clean the coils, burners, and components before lubricating any moving parts. Electrical components undergo an adjustment or repair, and the technician analyzes the combustion. They also adjust the air/fuel ratios along with testing and cleaning the flame sensors.

As part of the service, the technician cleans the burners to remove any soot and inspects the heat exchanger. The technician will tighten and align pulleys and belts while testing the system for proper voltage. Finally, they replace the air filter. Other tasks may be carried out depending on the appliance, the warranty requirements, and more.

Call for a furnace tune-up today. Doing so saves money and ensures proper operation of the system. When this is the case, the home becomes a place of comfort and somewhere people want to be.

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