Furnace repair in Atlanta, GA

In the winter months, homeowners rely on their home heating system to keep their living space at a comfortable and safe temperature. When a furnace stops functioning properly, an expert is needed to repair it quickly and effectively. Tru Choice Maintenance Services is here to help with all of our customers’ HVAC needs!

Signs A Furnace Needs Repair

When a furnace breaks down, it is time to act quickly and call a Heating Services specialist to avoid being stuck without heat when it is really needed. Here are some common signs a furnace needs maintenance.

Higher electric bills than normal may be a sign that a furnace is not working properly. The filters, coils, or other parts may be broken or dirty, causing the system to run inefficiently and using more energy to heat the home. Often, in these cases, an inexpensive and simple servicing will have the furnace running better and lower any energy bills.

If a heating system is not warming the home consistently, this can be another sign that it is time for some Furnace maintenance. Some rooms may be getting enough heat, while others are not. This may be due to issues with the ducts, broken thermostats, or a system not adequate for the amount of space. If a home was recently renovated or had space added, the furnace may need to be upgraded to ensure there is an appropriate amount of heating power.

If a furnace is running continuously, blowing cold air, or won’t turn on, it is a clear sign that it needs maintenance or repair. These sorts of issues can have a myriad of causes, so it is best to call in a professional. Our experienced technicians will diagnose the issue and determine whether it is a simple fix or in need of a more involved repair or replacement.

Loud, unusual noises coming from a furnace often indicate a mechanical issue needs immediate Furnace Repair. Scraping, thumping, humming, squealing, banging, and rumbling are all cause for serious concern and can cause quite a bit of damage if left unfixed. In the long run, this could lead to much more expensive repairs or even replacement.

Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous, and if it is detected, homeowners should immediately shut off their furnaces and contact a professional for repair or replacement. They must ensure their home’s carbon monoxide detectors work properly and keep an eye out for carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms. The CDC lists “flu-like symptoms” like headache, weakness, dizziness, vomiting, upset stomach, confusion, and chest pain as possible indications of CO poisoning, which should not be taken lightly.

Common Heating Repairs

Certain heating symptoms are often indicative of common problems. Our experts will help troubleshoot our customers’ furnaces to keep their homes perfectly cozy.

Many different issues result in no power coming to the furnace. This may be a simple problem like a tripped breaker, loose wiring, or the furnace is switched off. It could also mean more complicated issues with parts like the thermostat, transformer, run capacitor, control board, or blower motor. If the fan to a heating system is not responding to the thermostat being changed, a technician can help diagnose the exact problem.

Some furnaces have spark ignition, and when they try to ignite but cannot, they make rapid clicking sounds. Often this is because of issues with the control board, limit control, or a blocked flue. Simply repairing or replacing these parts should resolve the issue.

Problems with the main burner result in reduced heating function. Dirty flame sensors or similar issues often keep the burners from staying lit, while a cut-off gas supply will keep them from lighting at all. Luckily, these cases often have a simple and inexpensive fix. Some cleaning of essential components and adjustments will have the furnace running good as new.

If the blower is not turning on, this often means an issue with either the run capacitor or the motor. The run capacitor is easily replaced, while resolving issues with the motor may be more involved. Conversely, if the blower is running constantly, the air filter may be clogged. This limited airflow can also damage the limit switch, affecting its ability to detect the internal temperature. Our maintenance experts can replace a faulty switch and clean or change an air filter.

From Emergency Repairs to Regular Maintenance, We’ve Got Our Customers’ Backs

Yearly service of a furnace not only limits the need for emergency repairs but can also save homeowners money on energy bills and improve the air quality in their homes. It is essential to make sure a professional inspects and cleans all parts of a unit to ensure it keeps the home toasty and comfortable all winter long.

Our highly trained technicians are here to help. We strive to provide homeowners in the Atlanta, GA, area with peace of mind and expert care year-round. Give us a call to schedule a furnace service today.